Content Creation

Part of our core capability at Agility3 is the development of top quality, bespoke virtual 3D content. Whether it’s complex 3D models of equipment, vehicles or buildings or vast virtual 3D environments of real-world locations, we have a wealth of experience in understanding your requirements and specifications and delivering the exact virtual 3D assets you need to achieve your goals. We can develop for a vast array of formats and can configure our deliverables to be fully functional and effective within pre-existing simulation environments. We use commercially available tools and standards for our development which means you’re never tied in and our extensive knowledge and experience means we have a large range of tools and standards to choose from as can be seen below…

3D Virtual Environments

Large or small, complex or simple, real or fictitious, whatever your requirements, we can develop stunning 3D virtual environments that are tailored to your needs, specifications and budget and configured to run efficiently and effectively within your simulation platform. We are able to develop from a wide range of data sources including LiDAR data, Vector data, CAD data, Ordnance Survey data and Aerial Photography. No data? No problem, we can source our own data. With lighting effects, collision volumes and building interiors our virtual environments can enhance the realism, immersion and accuracy of your projects.

The virtual environments we create help our clients:

  • Engage stakeholders;
  • Provide engaging and immersive training;
  • Carry out cutting edge research;
  • Communicate more effectively;
  • Compare design options;
  • Make better and more timely engineering decisions;
  • Reduce project risk, time and cost.

Learn more about our interactive virtual environments here.

We have specific experience developing 3D virtual environments for the following areas…


3D Vehicle & Equipment Modelling

To support design and training we develop virtual 3D models of vehicles and equipment. The models we create can be configured for multiple formats and can have varying states, lighting effects, animated parts and behaviour to add to the realism and quality. The models we create are frequently used in the following areas…