Exciting New VR Projects from Agility3

As the New Year approaches we at Agility3 are looking forward to some very exciting projects for next year, particularly around Virtual Reality (VR), having completed several demos and projects over the last six months. These include…

Tube Train Passenger/Driver VR Experience

An immersive train station experience where users can navigate station platforms, on to and off trains, move within and between carriages and even experience driving a train. This type of experience would be extremely beneficial for enhancing passenger experience, driver training or even train station redevelopment. Take a look at some footage here.

Hazard Perception VR Driving Simulation

A driver training aid that requires users to react to various hazards presented to them as they drive around a residential environment. Statistics are captured and provided on their performance. Take a look at some footage here.

Interactive Building VR Walkthrough

VR experiences to help stakeholders understand how a new building or space may look and function once constructed. This can reduce project risk, increase stakeholder engagement and result in better overall design. Interactive features within the experience can enable users to customise the environment and compare or contrast different options.

If you would like to find out more about our VR capabilities, try any of the experiences mentioned or discuss a potential project please do get in touch on 01438 488066 or info@agility3.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you in 2018.

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