Agility3 train station models support signal sighting activities

Specialist Project Integration (SPI), a longstanding customer of Agility3, recently had a requirement for a range of virtual 3D models that were to be representative of a number of train stations based in North-West England. Given the prior knowledge and experience that SPI, an innovative consultancy involved with major infrastructure and building projects, had regarding the capabilities of Agility3, they had confidence in choosing us to complete this development for them..

The train station models were required to support signal sighting activities therefore it was imperative that the models were an accurate visual representation of the stations as they would be seen from the track. Therefore, all the platforms, walkways, bridges, fences, walls, signage, seating and other features that could be seen by a train driver from their position on the track needed to be accurately located and look exactly like it would in reality. This was made more challenging by the fact that there were some areas of the required stations that hadn’t been built yet! However, using CAD data as a reference source alongside on-site photography and the technical expertise of our 3D modellers, Agility3 were able to deliver another successful project for SPI which they were very pleased with..

Keith Wakeford, Head of Modelling & Simulation at SPI, said “Photo realistic station models are a key element in SPI’s Signal Sighting offering. Agility3 are able to consistently interpret our requirement and produce accurate, highly realistic models, within budget, and to schedule. SPI is delighted to continue it’s ongoing relationship with Agility3.”

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