Agility3 support TRL trials of innovative new junction

One of several projects carried out by Agility3 for TRL, the global centre for innovation in transport and mobility, this project involved the development of a 3D model which accurately presents an innovative Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) junction layout proposed for Strathpine Road in Brisbane, Australia. This area experienced high levels of congestion and the DDI junction is seen as a potential solution to ease traffic, however, the efficiency of this new layout required lots of trials and testing.

That’s where the Agility3 3D model came in. The model was required for use within an Australian University driving simulator, to conduct trials to explore how road users would react to the new road lay out. Thus, to allow for accurate and useful results, the model had to be highly representative of what the road users would see once development of the real interchange had been completed. Using our 3D modelling expertise and CAD data as a reference source Agility3 achieved this to a high level of accuracy for all elements of the road layout including road markings, cycle lanes, barriers, signage, traffic lights and more.

Simon Wilson, Senior Software Engineer, TRL commented:

Agility3 provide accurate 3D modelling that is instrumental in our driver behaviour research. Having this degree of modelling sophistication allows us to provide a better service to our customers and bring us one step closer in pioneering future transport.”

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