Agility3 confirmed as part of the Inzpire team to develop next generation synthetic training solution


As announced at Farnborough Airshow 2016, Inzpire Ltd, have been awarded phase 2 funding in the Agile, Immersive Mission Training Competition by the UK MOD’s Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) and the UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC). The competition was designed to seek out techniques and solutions aimed at providing more cost-effect and timely military training capabilities.  

Having completed initial development work during phase 1 of the competition, Inzpire now focus on pushing their solution, named GHOST (Graphically Hosted Objective Solution for Training), to higher technology readiness levels. To assist them in this, Inzpire, who are one of the fastest growing defence companies in UK, have enlisted the support of Agility3. 

Given the experience and capabilities of Agility3 in the development of synthetic training solutions for military purposes, Inzpire saw Agility3 as an ideal partner to work with to take the GHOST project forward. Bob Chevli, Head of Synthetic Training Division at Inzpire, said that “Inzpire are delighted to be working with Agility3 in the delivery of Project GHOST. In Agility3, Inzpire have found a technically accomplished partner which shares a similar ethos and innovative nature.”


Agility3 are delighted to be part of the Inzpire team involved in this exciting project. For more information, contact Agility3 on 01438 488066 or email


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